Top 5 Property Blogs To Follow

4th September 2017

Property Moose:

Prior to actually working for Property Moose, I used to read their blog on a weekly basis, because it genuinely provided simplified information for people like me who are new to the world of investments. The blog is full of lessons about investment portfolio diversification and bitesize explanations of stamp duty. But it can also be a great source of information for those who are looking for some exciting, current discussions.



Savills of course ranks highly on our list of top property blogs to follow. With clearly marked sections detailing what’s new and what’s trending, this blog can fill you in on all of your property news. In addition, with topics ranging widely from how to make a successful farm tenancy application to the City Fringe’s technology boom, there’s certainly something for everyone.


Renter Girl:

Being a millennial myself, this is a personal favourite. Written by Penny Anderson, the premise is that she writes about everything to do with renting. She notes, “Thirty percent of the UK population live in rented accommodation. There are roughly one million landlords in the UK. We didn’t all make it on to the property ladder.” As well as running her own blog, she writes for Big Issue, Roof Magazine and has a series in The Guardian, which I highly recommend.


Property Owl:

Property Owl is jam-packed full of useful property news, with useful and relevant discussions. Versatility is strong here, especially considering their subsections for general property news, estate agents, home improvements and finance.


James Dearsley:

This is definitely my go-to blog for everything PropTech, and I find it incredibly easy to navigate through. James has been working in the property sector for 15 years now, and his “day job” is running ‘The Digital Marketing Bureau.’ He has recently written about Artificial Intelligence in the Built Environment, Robot Technology in Construction, Property and Architecture, and the problems that PropTech has.


Jenna Kamal - PROPERTY MOOSE – 10/11/16